About Us

We are a home renovation company with a combined industry experience of more than 25 years. Based in Perth, we cater for all your home renovation needs and transform any house into your dream home. We specialise in a wide range of home renovation projects including bathroom, kitchen, basement, and other home additions. We are pleased to service all Perth suburbs with the latest kitchen products, giving an exceptional customer service.

Kitchen Renovations Perth believes in quality work and service throughout remodelling project. Whether you need a little inspiration or have a specific design in mind’ our professionals will work with you and transform your living space into a place you are proud of calling home. Let us customise your kitchen how you have always envisioned it by providing a free 3D design and quote that suits your needs, style, and budget.


Free 3D design and quote
Every prospective client at Kitchen Renovations Perth gets more than a free estimate. We are happy to provide a free consultation for every client that comes with a free 3D kitchen design and simulation, mobility limitation estimates and a free online quotation. We are here for you, and it is our pleasure to go through the renovation process together.

Professional, on budget and on time services
On schedule, on budget, and very professional. Kitchen Renovations Perth will guide you throughout the entire design remodelling process (design and installation) to ensure you get the best quality solution at the lowest cost possible. We design your renovation to give the best functionality, with your ideal style in mind and deliver on the agreed time and budget. With us, you can be sure of an experience like no other.

Competitive Prices
We source our kitchen and other home products from local and international manufacturers directly. More importantly, we also manufacture some of the bathroom and kitchen products. Our unique business system cuts out all intermediate costs from importers, transportation, wholesalers, retailers and storage. This ensures we offer our customers services at the best price.

Your satisfaction is our happiness.

At kitchen renovations Perth, we prioritise the interests of our customers. All our experts are committed to providing the highest level of service that meets and goes beyond your expectations. We believe that our success depends on your satisfaction with our products and services.
We simply honour our promises. Our award winning portfolio on renovations, testimonials and referrals from clients prove it all. We are always there for you.

How Kitchen Renovations Perth works

1. Renovation design and quote

It is our pleasure at Kitchen Renovations Perth to help our clients achieve their dream design. You can send us plans or photos of the existing kitchen through email. Our designers will integrate your ideas and thoughts with our professional skills to provide design drawings. We also use 3D design modelling software to help you visualise the finished product as it will be. We then send the 3D designs together with cost estimates to your email.

2. Finalising the design

You will meet designers in our showroom so as to go over the design, process, and renovation cost details. At this stage, we modify your design based on your preferred colours, purpose, materials, style, and budget. Our professional designers then come to your home for final site verifications where they take measurements and verify the design. Once this is complete, we collect payment and prepare remodelling materials.

3. Installation and Completion

After laying the background work for the renovation successfully, we install the tap ware, bench tops, sinks, vanities, splash-backs, cabinets and other kitchen appliances professionally. During this time, we update you on our progress. We build the renovation within the shortest timeframe possible. We transform your house into a home; this is the result of our renovation project and our greatest satisfaction.

Contact us today to discuss your plans with our kitchen designers or visit our showroom for a free consultation and discover why Kitchen Renovations Perth is the best choice for your home renovation projects.